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My Approach

Executive Leadership & Clifton Strengths Coach London | Laura Roberts


Thoughtful questioning and listening are the foundations of all my conversations so that I can uncover the challenges and people development opportunities a leader and their team faces. Understanding this first means I can offer the right solution that will elevate the performance of the leader and their team.


As a collaborative thinking partner, I work alongside the leader to support their aspirations. Clear on the outcome the leader wants, I build relationships with relevant stakeholders to ensure proposed solutions will deliver the anticipated results.


Coaching is a critical component of the work with a leader and their team and is often part of the solution to ensure the change is embedded. Coaching the leader from the side-lines or working directly with the whole team enables them to uncover insights that will lead to improved personal performance.

Consult on the Challenge - Collaborate on the Way Forward - Coach for Success

Business success doesn't happen by chance.

Your organisation is unique and so are your people. Investing in bespoke development for you and your teams leads to better business outcomes.

Laura Roberts Personal Development & Leadership Coach

I’m motivated to help people achieve success by focusing on: 


Creating trust by working alongside you in collaboration as a thinking partner.


Enabling you to see and trust what you do well and can leverage.

Positive Emotions

Helping you as you develop a more positive emotional state of mind.


Supporting you to handle pressure or challenging circumstances.


Reframing assumptions that may be limiting your ability to achieve perceived success.

Working Together

Strengths Based Development and Coaching

Discover how to harness your strengths to thrive at work.

What it is


A strengths-based development strategy concentrates on what people do well; and manages around weaknesses.


Gallup research (2018) tells us that people who use their talents and strengths are:

  • 6x as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

  • 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

Working with leaders and their teams I support organisations in embedding a strengths-based approach to performance, development, health and wellbeing. Using a combination of 1-1 and group interactive workshops, I ensure awareness, appreciation and application of strengths is implemented throughout the business.

How it works

IDENTIFY IT: The CliftonStrengths Assessment is designed to help a person discover the source of their natural talents.

EXPLORE IT: Noticing how a person’s strengths show up within a team enables them to contribute more meaningfully.

USE IT: Purposefully investing in the development of strengths leads to consistent, high performance across the organisation.

Executive Leadership & Clifton Strengths Coach London | Laura Roberts
Executive Leadership & Clifton Strengths Coach London | Laura Roberts


Elevate the success of your people through 1-1 and Group Coaching.

What it is

Individual coaching is a confidential conversation with the client at the centre. 


Group coaching is a way of bringing teams together to collectively achieve a team goal.


I adapt to the needs of whoever I’m working with and incorporate the benefits of positive psychology to support our discussion.  I ask the questions that enable people to successfully take action to achieve their goals.

How it works

The coaching relationship works best when we are clear on the outcome you are looking for; when we know this, we can ensure you get there.

Coaching is a series of 60 minute 1-1 or Team sessions where we work on specific goals, challenges or opportunities for growth.

Business Development, Leadership Style, Personal Impact, Career Transitions, Communication Skills are some of the areas my clients have successfully worked on during coaching which has led to better business outcomes.

Interactive Workshops

Stimulate your thinking with Engaging Workshops.

What it is


Bespoke workshops are designed in line with the organisational priorities, tailored to the nuances and needs of your business. Being clear on what you want the outcome to be means that I can deliver an experience for your people that leads to sustainable change.

How it works

Recognising how people learn best is critical to the way I design a workshop. Creating opportunities for participation ensures people leave intending to do things differently.

Considering the development needs of the group through detailed discovery leads to improved outcomes.

Pre and post workshop questionnaires allow us to measure success.

Workshops are delivered virtually or in person depending on your preferences.

(2 hours/ half day / whole day).


Examples include:

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Relationship Management

  • Change Management

  • Influence and Impact

Leadership mentoring, coaching and workshops London | Laura Roberts Coaching
Business Coaching & Mentoring | Laura Roberts Executive Leadership Coach


Increase Confidence with a Thinking Partner.

What it is

People are the experts on their own lives so often know the point they need a sounding board to discuss an idea or a challenge. Mentoring is when I become a person’s thinking partner.  Using my experience and knowledge I offer reassurance, new ideas and where appropriate a new perspective on a situation. Typically, I mentor senior leaders in relation to HR leadership strategy and People and Change Management.

How it works

The mentoring relationship is based on trust so it’s essential that we get along.  It is a long term relationship usually meeting for 90 minutes, 2 to 4 times a year. Driven entirely by the client, the outcomes are defined and measured so that we make progress.

Clients often work through issues such as challenging people, stumbling blocks in their career, strategic business direction, stalled change management programmes.

Get in Touch.

Enquire today to find out how I can help your leaders to unlock their inner potential and thrive.

Executive Leadership & Clifton Strengths Coach London | Laura Roberts
Executive Leadership & Clifton Strengths Coach London | Laura Roberts

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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